Seed Production

Hybrid Grain Sorghum

Richardson Seeds produces hybrid grain sorghum, often referred to as Milo, We have been producing hybrid sorghum grain as long as there has been hybrid sorghum.

Richardson Seeds produces its grain sorghums on the North Plains of Texas which provides some of the finest isolation to grow grain hybrids for their customers on highly fertile, semi-arid land with an abundance of irrigation water. These factors produce premium quality, vigorous seed, with fewer disease problems.

Richardson Seeds’ grain hybrids showcase various traits including disease resistance, drought tolerance, and sugarcane aphid tolerance based upon market demands. These hybrids are produced in a variety of maturity ranges from Ultra Early, Early, Medium Early, Medium, Medium Late, and Late Maturity to accommodate the growing seasons in different regions.

For the benefits of feeding sorghum as a feedstuff for livestock production or Food Grade human consumption, see the references on our Resources page.

Hybrid Forage Sorghum, Hybrid Sorghum Sudangrass and Millet

Forages are produced in the surrounding Panhandle of Texas area near Vega. This area also offers highly fertile land and a good semi-arid climate, so that high quality, vigorous seed can be produced.

Richardson Seeds has a full line of Forage and Sorghum Sudangrass Hybrids. These hybrids are offered with various traits including Brown Mid-Rib (BMR), Photoperiod Sensitivity (PPS), and drought tolerance. Millets are offered as a complement to our hybrid forage sorghum products for grazing and hay production. For the benefits of feeding sorghum as a feedstuff for livestock production see the references on our Resources page.

Sorghum Seed Quality

Richardson Seeds production team performs periodic field inspections throughout the growing season to insure the quality and purity of the seed produced. Additionally, all certified production fields are inspected and tested for varietal purity by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Samples are also submitted to an independent lab to assure quality standards are maintained.